Business Person Harassing My Mom & Can’t Call Police For Help #2015GoingBad

I just need to vent for a bit.

I can’t say who this person is publicly for safety reasons just know they work in a business place very close to where we live at. Anyway this person is picking on my mom badly she got so mad at my mom that she stopped buying my mom gifts because she found out my mom was talking to other people. Now this person is trying to make us homeless by lying on my mom and having other people in our neighborhood to pick on us, all because my mom doesn’t want to be in a dating relationship with this person. It’s not right! How can things like this happen? It’s almost like no one cares, we’re not even allow to call the police for help they’re all just letting this person get away with treating my mom and me like crap. I feel like I have to speak out because no one should be treated this way it’s not ok, but I guess it don’t matter now 😦



3 thoughts on “Business Person Harassing My Mom & Can’t Call Police For Help #2015GoingBad

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    You can call the police, and make them listen. Write everything down that happens sugar, with dates and times, and roughly what this person is saying. See if any of your neighbours will be witness to what she is saying and doing. Every person has the right to be left alone and not harassed. It does matter, and you have options. Speak to your mum and get your support together, there is strength in numbers. Go to anybody who will listen to you and above all, make sure you have it all logged down. You will need it if this gets to be a court case. Most harassers and bullies will back down if you just ignore them. So try that first. Then the next step is definitely the police. Hope it all gets better for you.


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