Did I Try To Kill Myself? #MyHospitalStay2015

So I was away in the hospital (intensive care unit) for the past week (Jan.2015) because I almost died. How ironic is that? My last post said my death would be tragic, but yeah now a lot of people are saying things like “she tried to kill herself” but did I try to “kill” myself? The only reason why I’m posting this is because someone else out there might be going through what I’m going through and I wouldn’t want them to give up on their life. Maybe I should take notes for myself as well….


Being in the intensive care unit for me was not great at all lol.



3 thoughts on “Did I Try To Kill Myself? #MyHospitalStay2015

  1. How are you feeling? I remember when i woke up from overdosing. First thing i could notice was the damn tube down my throat to “help” me breathe. I didn’t try to kill myself- I tried to kill my pain. And for some reason unknown to me, I was blessed to live. (Slight sarcasm, I am still in the “recovery” stage”). I truly hope you feel better. ICU is a crappy place all around.


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