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A woman and a man trade jabs inside Opry Mills Mall in the line for Popeyes. #Tennessee #Smh


🤦🏽‍♀️ Not even sure what to say…

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Ten people at a care facility in Oklahoma were hospitalized after they were injected with insulin instead of a flu shot, police said. #Smh


How can a terrible mistake like that be made? Smh!   

Last year when I received my first flu shot, it increased my blood sugar to the point to where I now take multiple insulin daily injections. These are the things that make you wonder….

What are they really giving me?

No telling how many patients have been giving the wrong vaccine/medication.

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Actor and comedian John Witherspoon, who starred in “Friday” and the animated show “The Boondocks,” died 💔 #RestInPeace




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Two Nashville mothers left candles burning in home that caught fire, killing a baby, while they went to a club. #Tennessee #Heartbreaking

Heartbreaking Story!



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There’s a new -ish on the block! From the producers of black-ish, mixed-ish premieres Tuesday, September 24th at 9|8c on ABC. #mixedish

September 24, 2019


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