There’s many people in this world who are just teaching #HATE!

There’s many people in this world who are just teaching HATE!


A New Jersey mother is credited with foiling an alleged school shooting. #NewsTopic



Great Job To This Mom!!!

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The woman who fell victim to a man’s #racist rant on an intl. flight had this to say: “He pays his fare, I pay mine. So why did he abuse me for that? Because of the color of my skin … If I had done that to him, I’m sure they would have called the police.” #Ryanair #Bully #Awful


What he did to her was just awful…

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Three babies were among five people stabbed at a private daycare facility in New York City early Friday, police said. The victims were found just before 4 a.m. inside the home-operated daycare in the Flushing neighborhood of the city’s borough of Queens, police said. #Heartbreaking

That’s so heartbreaking, prayers for those innocent babies.

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Footage shows a Walmart employee’s Islamophobic rant after a Muslim customer asked to use a changing room #Awful


That’s Awful!!!!


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Multiple people have been killed and one suspect is dead in shooting at a popular waterfront mall in Jacksonville, Florida, where a video game tournament was being held. #Prayers


Such a heartbreaking story, sending prayers!


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