What happened in 2016: Just got done with having more X-Rays done ~ I think it was like 10 X-Rays idk I lost count, but it was a lot… Joints Dislocation #Health

I don’t share much of my private life, but I know it’s important to help bring awareness to chronic health conditions.

My Backstory, I’ve had arthritis since childhood and also random joints dislocation too.




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Been sick for four weeks 😷 #Cold

I’ve literally been sick for four weeks with a cold… Since I have a hard time fighting off colds etc., because of diabetes and a chemo like medication I take for RA/Lupus. My doctor prescribed me some antibiotics. Hopefully it’ll help! 😷



Today marks the first day of #ArthritisAwarenessMonth! Join us all throughout May as we work to spread awareness and make an impact. Together, we can #CureArthritis!




I’ve literally had arthritis since I was a child.



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“Waking up is hard. But once I’m up and walking a few paces everything “thaws” and I’m ready for my day.” #RheumatoidArthritis #Health

So true! There’s days when I wake up and  I feel like I can’t even move. 😭

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Learning as much as you can about #lupus and approaches for managing your care and treatment are crucial to living better with the disease.


Great information to know.


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