FreeStyle Libre Blood Sugar Testing #DiabetesAwareness

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Diabetes Awareness

My First Insulin Pump. #TSlim #DiabetesAwareness

My First Insulin Pump. 🖤


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Been sick for four weeks 😷 #Cold

I’ve literally been sick for four weeks with a cold… Since I have a hard time fighting off colds etc., because of diabetes and a chemo like medication I take for RA/Lupus. My doctor prescribed me some antibiotics. Hopefully it’ll help! 😷



Thanksgiving Carb Counts 2019 #DiabetesAwareness



Remember There’s More Than One Type of Diabetes, Be Kind!

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Awful Diabetes Week… #Health Topic

Another awful Diabetes week, from fighting off a cold to having high blood sugars… This whole diabetes thing can be exhausting at times!


There’s more than one Type of Diabetes.