Irritable bowel syndrome, is a common condition and so having both diabetes and IBS is also relatively common. #Health

                                                               As a diabetic myself this is great information to know….



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FDA Approves #Dexcom G6!




























This is awesome! I’ve been using the G5 for the past few months and it has been really helpful.

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Top 10 Best Blood Glucose Meters


This List Is From Consumer Reports in 2015.
(The year now is 2017)

I use the FreeStyle Lite ~ it’s through a prescription,~ my household seem to like it a lot!. It’s really easy to use, the instructions are very clear and over all the FreeStyle Lite meter itself and its test strips are stylish!
I should add the test strips are
a bit pricey, but where blood sugar numbers are concerned you do want accurate results. Especially if you’re taking diabetes pills/insulin or have a history of low blood sugar.



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What’s the highest you’ve been? #T1D #T2D #Health

Woke up with a high, and now going to bed with a mild hi due from being sick… On the bright side my blood sugar is a lot lower than what it was this morning.

Question for today
Do you have diabetes/prediabetes What’s the highest you’ve been?
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