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High Glucose Alert.



The United States government is currently on day 24 of the longest shutdown in history. Government employee Mallory Lorge of River Falls, Wisconsin hasn’t been paid this month. Lorge, who lives with Type 1 diabetes, has been forced to ration her remaining insulin because she can not afford the $300 copay. #Health



That’s so awful! I hope she gets new insulin soon. Many of us know how expensive Diabetes medication/supplies can be and as well as other medications or medical supplies Β too.


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A man from Hampshire has gone all out this year with his Christmas lights in a bid to raise money for a #diabetes charity.




This is awesome!!!



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There are a number of different types of #diabetes. Health Topic #DiabetesAwarenessMonth πŸ’™



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Flu Shot Side Effect High Blood Sugar #Diabetes

I’m grateful for My Mom Pat Lee, who stayed up with me all night while I recovered from a diabetes crisis.




We learned that the flu shot can in fact spike some people’s blood sugar, it would had been nice being told this before receiving the flu shot.

If you have diabetes and received the flu shot then be sure to monitor your blood sugar often.