Congrats to Maurice Benard on 25 years of excellence! #ABC #GH #Awesome


Love Sonny!!! ❀️


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Nelle Benson Anna’s Daughter or Ava’s Daughter? #GeneralHospital #ABC

Is anyone else wonder if Nelle is really Anna’s Daughter or Ava’s Daughter?




πŸ€”Just imagine what kind of story that would be. 😱




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General Hospital Steve Burton/Jason Is Back? 2017 Update #GH #ABC #Patient6


Who else is excited that Steve Burton is back on GH?! OMG!!! I’m really hoping he’s the real Jason. Even if he’s really Drew and was somehow switch with the real Jason ‘Billy Miller’ during his surgery ~ because of the accident. Just a theory!




Tisha Shantel Blog Post


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