Septic shock is dangerous! My Mom literally almost died from it with a fever of 109, a blood pressure of 60/40 this resulted because of a Kidney condition and she’s still very ill too from this. Please learn Septicemia Symptoms, you could help save yourself or someone you love. And yes anyone can go into Septic shock, (example) a small cut untreated or not healing properly could very well lead to Septic shock as well. #SepticAwareness #Health #Sepsis


Septic is just awful!


These doctors visits have been so exhausting lately, I’m starting to feel more like a lab experiment than a patient…

So exhausted!

Learning as much as you can about #lupus and approaches for managing your care and treatment are crucial to living better with the disease.


Great information to know.


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Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day 2019☆ I’ve literally had Arthritis since childhood. #MyStory #LivingMyBestLife 💜 #RheumatoidArthritis #AutoimmuneDiseaseAwareness


My Story,

I’ve literally had Arthritis since childhood.


The United States government is currently on day 24 of the longest shutdown in history. Government employee Mallory Lorge of River Falls, Wisconsin hasn’t been paid this month. Lorge, who lives with Type 1 diabetes, has been forced to ration her remaining insulin because she can not afford the $300 copay. #Health



That’s so awful! I hope she gets new insulin soon. Many of us know how expensive Diabetes medication/supplies can be and as well as other medications or medical supplies  too.


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Lupus research news! A new study determined that people with lupus who received intravenous cyclophosphamide (CYC) and steroids are more likely to develop shingles. Antivirals are suggested for prevention.



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SANTA STAND-IN: Former Pres. Barack Obama brought some good holiday cheer and a sack of gifts to the children being treated at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC, thanking the staff and wishing all a Merry Christmas. #Awesome


Too Awesome!!!  🎄



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