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There’s more than two types of Diabetes.


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10-year-old Texas girl contracts brain-eating amoeba while swimming. Going swimming in public pools, lakes, etc, is more dangerous than most people think! #Health #FluShot #Swimming

Heartbreaking story, sending prayers!

Swimming can be fun, but swimming in public pools, lakes, etc, is more dangerous than most people think! I went swimming in a public pool last year (2018) I became sick. Went to the emergency room, received the flu shot for the first time in my life and somehow it made my blood sugar go out of control.

I’ve only been on as needed insulin since childhood,  but after getting sick and receiving the flu shot, I’m now on daily insulin. Every situation is different, we’re all different,  many people go swimming and they never get sick, yet some people have gone  swimming before and they didn’t experience an illness right away. I know I’ve gone swimming years ago in the ‘90s and never got sick, however, 2018 was the first time in years I went swimming again. I had a broken foot ; so I needed to exercise often while my broken foot was healing, (to keep from getting a blood clot .) But, I didn’t think I would get sick from swimming,  I didn’t think my blood sugar would go out of control to the point I would end up on daily insulin.

Please be-careful when going swimming in public lakes, pools, etc. Even if the water looks clean, there are probably still some harmful bacteria in it.

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Kidneys Bleeding #Health Topic

For the past two weeks my kidneys have literally been bleeding, it’s awful! My mom took me to the ER the other day, and the doctor there gave  some medications, I’m really hoping it’ll help, but at the same I’ve had kidney problems since my childhood. I think lately, I’ve just been preparing myself, (whatever that means) yet, I still have to stay hopeful.


Septic shock is dangerous! My Mom literally almost died from it with a fever of 109, a blood pressure of 60/40 this resulted because of a Kidney condition and she’s still very ill too from this. Please learn Septicemia Symptoms, you could help save yourself or someone you love. And yes anyone can go into Septic shock, (example) a small cut untreated or not healing properly could very well lead to Septic shock as well. #SepticAwareness #Health #Sepsis


Septic is just awful!

These doctors visits have been so exhausting lately, I’m starting to feel more like a lab experiment than a patient…

So exhausted!

Learning as much as you can about #lupus and approaches for managing your care and treatment are crucial to living better with the disease.


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Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day 2019☆ I’ve literally had Arthritis since childhood. #MyStory #LivingMyBestLife 💜 #RheumatoidArthritis #AutoimmuneDiseaseAwareness


My Story,

I’ve literally had Arthritis since childhood.