Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce died at age 20 # RestInPeace 💔



Rest In Peace 💔

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Horns are growing on young people’s skulls. Phone use is to blame, research suggests. #Skull #Health



😕Are they really sure that’s why?  


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Today marks the first day of #ArthritisAwarenessMonth! Join us all throughout May as we work to spread awareness and make an impact. Together, we can #CureArthritis!




I’ve literally had arthritis since I was a child.



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Septic shock is dangerous! My Mom literally almost died from it with a fever of 109, a blood pressure of 60/40 this resulted because of a Kidney condition and she’s still very ill too from this. Please learn Septicemia Symptoms, you could help save yourself or someone you love. And yes anyone can go into Septic shock, (example) a small cut untreated or not healing properly could very well lead to Septic shock as well. #SepticAwareness #Health #Sepsis


Septic is just awful!

These doctors visits have been so exhausting lately, I’m starting to feel more like a lab experiment than a patient…

So exhausted!