Childhood Arthritis: How long have I’ve had Arthritis? #AutoimmuneDiseaseAwareness

I was diagnosed with arthritis in my childhood years ago. What happened was I started  having random unexplained joint pain, etc. and the symptoms became worse.  My doctor (at that time) did testings and confirmed it was arthritis.

The type of arthritis I have is Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Despite my having health conditions ~ I try to stay positive and hopeful.  Tisha!


COVID-19: “ Vanderbilt enrolls first patient in hydroxychloroquine study: “ I take Hydroxychloroquine for RA. #Lupus #RheumatoidArthritis #Coronavirus



I take Hydroxychloroquine for my RA and the side effects are a bit  intense —in fact, I have to get a yearly eye exam because I was told Hydroxychloroquine  is known for causing eye problems. Hope it works out well for the Coronavirus Disease…

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I keep telling myself I have to push through the bad and not give up. #StayingHopeful

I keep telling myself I have to push through the bad and not give up. Staying Hopeful!

Been sick for four weeks 😷 #Cold

I’ve literally been sick for four weeks with a cold… Since I have a hard time fighting off colds etc., because of diabetes and a chemo like medication I take for RA/Lupus. My doctor prescribed me some antibiotics. Hopefully it’ll help! 😷



Bullied For Not Being Rich & For Father Identity #YearbookApology

My Story…

I must say, I think it’s really awful how many people get treated unfairly, humiliated, abused, etc. by certain people, (who are just mean, rude, self-absorbed, racist, prejudice, and just very inconsiderate of others.) I got bullied in school for not being rich and because of a father identity problem, regarding who my real father was. The hurtful memories! Second grade, all the girls from my class took a class picture together during recess, but they told me I couldn’t be in their picture with them. They had on cool clothes, my clothes wasn’t too cool for them I guess. I was extremely saddened by their words, my gosh I held on to those words for all these years,  this was way back in the ‘90s it’s now 2019.   Readers! I was even bullied in pre-school all because my hair was big, some of the classmates literally try to cut my hair. Also, there was that time when one middle class girl in high school said to me (during choir class)  “It must be hard to be an outcast.” Thanks! I’ve never thought of myself as being an outcast until then, especially after our High School Christmas Choir Concert, the same girl who basically told me I was an “outcast” her mom talked to my mom and me (we knew her mom from when I was a student in middle school) well she told her mom not to talk to us, all because the other middle class mommy’s and daddy’s were there. Never-mind that we were people like them too. Smh! However, No!  I’m not perfect! As a child I was dealing with health conditions, I was also a victim of childhood abuse. So yes,  sometimes I didn’t listen to the teacher and sometimes  I was just a little too hyper, or too quiet, stay more to myself, even a bit of an rebellious teen, but  I didn’t deserve to be bullied like that! Your mean words, your cruel treatment toward me became a permanent part of me. But, despite being bullied, and father identity problem, etc. I’m very grateful! All the bad I’ve gone through,  taught me so much, and taught me not to treat people the way I’ve been treated.


Yearbook Apology!

Thank You to the one person from years ago in middle school, who apologized to me for how you treated me.🙂

I can also say I did have one true amazing friend… Miss You K.S.!  Hope Heaven Is All You Dreamed It Would Be! 

Also, Prayers to those of you being bullied, Prayers to those of you  who are going through a hard time right now. And if you don’t believe in prayers, that’s okay! Stay strong, Stay hopeful, Stay positive and don’t allow other people to steal your joy away. Latisha❤️


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Non-disclosure agreement with R.Kelly & I ? Question Answered!

I don’t get why some of you be commenting on my page, especially about things that aren’t any of your business anyhow. If I did sign a NDA ~ then what would be the point of me answering your question? 🤦🏽‍♀️ 



When one of your friends only contact you when they need something. I don’t mind helping someone if I can help, but at the same time I don’t like being used.

When one of your friends only contact you when they need something.  I don’t mind helping someone if I can help, but at the same time I don’t like being used.