When a mother of sanity, so-call herself punishing her innocent child because she hates their biological father. Smh!

When a mother of sanity, so-call herself punishing her innocent child because she hates their biological father. Smh!


Self-care is important!

When I look back on my life ~ I realize I’ve taken care of so many people and forgot all about myself in the process.


My note to you is,

Learn to take care of yourself, because self-care is important too!


Being the poor black friend to the rich white friend. #BlackandWhite #FriendshipTopic #J

I’ve come to the conclusion while being poor and black it’s incredibly hard at times having some friends who are rich and white. (I only experience this behavior with one friend though and we’ll just call this friend J.) Yes I’m the black poor friend to the rich white friend.

Let me say that this has nothing at all to do with the fact of someone being rich, it’s about the negative behavior some rich white people have toward poor people who aren’t white.

I grew up with mostly white people and some of them I’m still friends with ~ who are very down to earth, as well as enjoyable to be around. However, J is still somewhat a new friend of mines from a different city with a Deep South upbringing. Yes J is of course a nice person but, J seem to always give a dig here and there about their upper class lifestyle (kinda like “I’m rich and you’re not” or you’re black and I’m white, so you’ll never be as good as me attitude.) First off I’m not the insecure type person; my life is what it is right now. Yes I came from a low income single parent household and I’m still basically in the low income range right now. I’m not ashamed of that nor am I proud of it! Things happen unexpectedly at times that will set a person back such as, paying full price for college, paying for medical expenses, paying for the basic things in life, and my helping a few other people along the way. To me that seem so much more imperative than being an arrogant show off or belittle those who are less fortunate than me.

No I’m not necessarily saying that my friend J is a show off or anything, but sometimes J say things that just come off as very snobby and insulting.

Most of all I’m not ok with how J treat me sometimes. Like I’m not good enough to attend their parties or meet their family or even be seen with them around their other friends because my skin is brown, and I’m not rich. There’s moments when J will also try an downplay the fact that they’re rich, as if they’re really doing me a favor by trying to convince me their lifestyle isn’t at all what other people hype it up to be, but at the same time J will brag or joke about being rich in a subliminal way. For instance, J said to me so and so asked “Are you rich? Hahahaha.” Then there’s that time when J asked “Is that a new blouse, well that look nice on you this evening.” as if I didn’t look too nice the few times we seen each other previously. Oh, but as soon as this white woman walked in the room J smiled so big and greeted her with open arms. J always remind me that I’m not white… Another black person who was with me while visiting J said “Your friend seem racist!” That really set off red flags! So now I’m thinking maybe J is only friends with me because they needed a black friend so no one would think they’re racist. Don’t get me wrong, I do care about my friend J and I’m very happy for their success, but I just don’t know if our friendship is worth it anymore. I feel like I’m in this friendship all by myself ~ the poor black friend to the rich white friend.
Tisha Shantel

Flu Shot Side Effect High Blood Sugar #Diabetes

I’m grateful for My Mom Pat Lee, who stayed up with me all night while I recovered from a diabetes crisis.




We learned that the flu shot can in fact spike some people’s blood sugar, it would had been nice being told this before receiving the flu shot.

If you have diabetes and received the flu shot then be sure to monitor your blood sugar often.




Do you think some black/brown women have more insecurities than most people? “I saw no one who looked like me or had a name that sounded like mine. I was convinced I couldn’t make it as Tanisha.” #SMH


How much of ourselves do we have to sacrifice to be somebody in this world and to be respected?

Wow! This made me a bit sick to my stomach reading this article. I personally can’t imagine changing the name that was giving to me just to be accepted or as it was called “get ahead.”SMH! And I grew up in a mostly white race neighborhood, even went to a mostly white race school and been in classes where I was the only kid with brown skin.

Yes I publish with an abbreviated name, but almost everyone who follows my blog know my name is Latisha and almost everyone part of my life call me Tisha. 😎

I personally don’t think her real name sound black and what is a black sounding name anyway? It’s kind of like the whole good hair/bad hair thing, dark skin/light skin and skin bleach thing. No offense! But her middle name she used don’t sound much different from her first name. And she decided to go back and use her first name after giving a speech about Cardi B. Really?!?





Insecurities Topic

•I’m not saying this person has insecurities or anything•

But I’ve been around some people with some major insecurities problems, who will even try to project their insecurities onto other people.

For example, this black female family member of mines will always talk bad about other black women including her own female family members. When you give another black woman (in front of her) a good compliment like (being a good single mom,) she will tell you how terrible  of person that woman is. And there’s always  the “you look nice, but.”

We were in the store the other day and she just randomly told a biracial store clerk ” I wish I could get my hair to look like yours, mix people have good hair.” I was so embarrassed by her saying that. 🙄

Why would she want her hair to look like someone else’s?……. Her hair looked great!!!

Another example,

I have an amazing dear friend who is white and this same black female family member of mines  had the audacity to tell me that my friend “would never take” me to visit their “home town” because I’m “not white.” I was so baffled hearing those words to the point that I started to believe what she said, but that was  part of her plan to make me start feeling like my white friend was ashamed of me because my skin is brown, and like I’m not good enough to visit their home town for that reason. SMH!

The Question For Today Is,

Do you think some black/brown women have more insecurities than most people?

You rarely ever hear about a white woman wanting to change her name because it don’t sound white enough, heck you rarely ever hear about a black man wanting to change his name because it sound too black.


What’s funny is, I did a topic awhile back about how some people of my own race said I don’t talk black…


Today I’m defending names! There’s probably a little girl somewhere out there with the name Tanisha and after reading what this other Tanisha said is probably now feeling like she can’t “Get Ahead” all because of what her name is.

Good grades, a positive attitude and hard work will get you ahead! Let me tell you there’s so many powerful black women out there who are ahead and they didn’t have to change their name to sound less black.


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My Summer has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. #2 #BrokenBone #Summer2018

Meaning of This photo….

Omg, it happened I fell. 😱

A few months ago it had rained outside, Omg I fell from the road being slippery. To speed up this story I was taken to the local hospital ER by an Ambulance and they misdiagnosed my injury. Come find out my foot was broken with a torn ligament. Yikes!
Recovery seem to be taken a bit longer since I have diabetes/arthritis.

I’ve been in a cast for almost 2 months now and I hate wearing a cast, but I understand it’s to help with my recovery.


Why I take Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) #RheumatoidArthritis #Health

Health Topic

I was diagnosed with arthritis when I was a child. Since my childhood I’ve been taken inflammation/pain medication for a very long time to help with my arthritis. However, over the past two years my arthritis started to get worse.


Increased joint pains, hair lost, cold chills and mornings where I just felt like I couldn’t even move.

When I explained this to my primary care physician she added an additional arthritis medication along with the other inflammation medication. She also order for labs and when she received my labs back, she requested for me to go back to see a rheumatologist. I made an appointment with the rheumatologist, we talked and my rheumatologist gave me information about Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) and explained that Plaquenil would be the medication I would start taken for rheumatoid arthritis (RA).


Stay strong to those who are dealing with health conditions, RA, Lupus, Cancer, Diabetes and etc.

Heart Tisha Shantel




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