Do you like blogging or vlogging better? #Question

Question of the day,

Do you like blogging or vlogging better?

I think both are great but my life is very busy at the moment, so it’s easier for me to blog than to vlog. I  can take pictures or add some small video clips from my life and share it onto my blog page ~ than comparing to doing a daily/weekly vlog. It also depends on what works best for the person behind the blog/vlog ~  in other words blogging works best for me right now. Just a reminder ~  I was a writer first and then a video maker.


I hope all of my readers have an awesome safe weekend!!!

🖤💖 Tisha Shantel 10/28/2017






What annoys me the most? #Comment

1.When some tries to eat my food from my plate. Gross!

2. When someone just behave very rudely. SMH!

3. If I’m having a bad day, it seem everything is annoying. LOL!


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