Worse Blogger Ever 😧#Blog #Me 

I’m probably one of the worse bloggers ever. I can’t seem to ever get on schedule with blogging, I never know what to blog about and my mind always seem so blah. 😧

Another random post #GotHurt

So I got hurt the other day and went to the ER for it. LOL! I have to laugh about it to keep from thinking about the pain. Another random post….


Meeting your birth family regret #?

Another Random Post…

This isn’t for everyone but, for some of the people who were maybe adopted or their parents rights were gave away, do you ever regret meeting your birth family, because it just went horribly wrong?  😖

Losing blog followers vs. losing Facebook friends ~ which is worse?

💁A Random thought 💭 this really don’t mean anything but, is losing blog followers worse than losing Facebook friends, or is losing Facebook friends worse than losing blog followers? I know this is so lame LOL ~ have a great weekend everyone. 😎