Been sick for four weeks 😷 #Cold

I’ve literally been sick for four weeks with a cold… Since I have a hard time fighting off colds etc., because of diabetes and a chemo like medication I take for RA/Lupus. My doctor prescribed me some antibiotics. Hopefully it’ll help! 😷



My Summer has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. #2 #BrokenBone #Summer2018

Meaning of This photo….

Omg, it happened I fell. 😱

A few months ago it had rained outside, Omg I fell from the road being slippery. To speed up this story I was taken to the local hospital ER by an Ambulance and they misdiagnosed my injury. Come find out my foot was broken with a torn ligament. Yikes!
Recovery seem to be taken a bit longer since I have diabetes/arthritis.

I’ve been in a cast for almost 2 months now and I hate wearing a cast, but I understand it’s to help with my recovery.


Who else has random blood sugar highs? #Diabetes





I was told by my nurse yesterday my spike was probably from being “stress.”

Early morning drives to my doctors be like #Smiley #Photography #LatePost


Sometimes we have to drive nearly two hours away from the town we live in, for my Allergy Bone/BP/ and Heart treatments. This is a random pics from one of my treatment drives, it was around 6 a.m…
This emoji pillow has became my new comfort on sick days.