Ilhan Omar is one of two Muslim American women elected last night to the House of Representatives, making history. #Awesome




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Videos show “Golfcart Gail” called police after a father at a Florida soccer game told his son to listen to the referees. #SMH


That’s  awful….

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A woman approached “aggressively” and told them that if they lived in the United States, they “had to speak in English.” #News


That’s awful!


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Ninety-one complaints have been filed with the NHTSA involving 2011 to 2014 #Kia Optimas and Sorentos catching fire #NewsTopic


That’s awful!  I hope no one got hurt.


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MTV is working to find “the right tone and the right artist” to properly pay tribute to Aretha Franklin during their Monday night broadcast of the #VMAs

MTV better pick someone who can actually sing with soul! 👁

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