“YOU’RE WALKING BUDDY”: 4-year-old boy born without arms or legs walks for the very first time – and gets a big hug from his dad at the end. #AmazingStory



What an amazing story!

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Top 10 Best Blood Glucose Meters


This List Is From Consumer Reports in 2015.
(The year now is 2017)

I use the FreeStyle Lite ~ it’s through a prescription,~ my household seem to like it a lot!. It’s really easy to use, the instructions are very clear and over all the FreeStyle Lite meter itself and its test strips are stylish!
I should add the test strips are
a bit pricey, but where blood sugar numbers are concerned you do want accurate results. Especially if you’re taking diabetes pills/insulin or have a history of low blood sugar.




Other than my own personal opinion, I don’t own the article shared.

Thanksgiving carb chart 🍂 #ViaFacebook #Health #Diabetes #HappyThanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! 🍂

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