Some people are so fast to judge someone else without truly knowing all the reasons why or why not. Smh!

Some people are so fast to judge someone else without truly knowing all the reasons why or why not. Smh!

Video Captures Youth Hockey Player Being Racially Taunted By Opposing Team. The youth hockey league canceled its playoffs this weekend as it continues to investigate a video from a January game that showed players from Cheektowaga repeatedly calling a black player on an opposing team a “monkey” and taunting him with monkey sounds and gestures.


That’s awful! How could something like this even be allowed?



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An email sent by the Williamson County Republican Party contained what some are calling a racist meme featuring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a newly elected member of Congress who is quickly becoming a target of criticism for Republicans. #NewsTopic

That’s awful!


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A mural celebrating African-American achievement was defaced with swastikas on Thursday in #LosAngeles, police said. They are investigating the incident as a possible #hatecrime. #Racist


I thought Los Angeles was much better than the south— this is the lame backwards crap we see happening often in the red states, cotton states “Hate crimes.” You can be a so-called racist all you want to be however, one day God will judge you too with your same hate. SMH!

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The border wall reads “Make America Great Again,” while the staffers who dressed up as Mexicans are wearing sombreros, ponchos and holding maracas. One woman even wrote “MEXICAN” in big red letters on the top of her sombrero. #SMH


That’s Awful!!!! That’s about as bad as the “Blackface.” Not cool at all!

You can want a “Wall” but you also need to respect other people even if they don’t look like you!  How can you say  “Make America Great Again” when you’re out there making fun of other people who don’t look like you; all because they don’t have your skin color? SMH, So Disgusting!

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