Thanksgiving Carb Counts 2019 #DiabetesAwareness



Remember There’s More Than One Type of Diabetes, Be Kind!

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Awful Diabetes Week… #Health Topic

Another awful Diabetes week, from fighting off a cold to having high blood sugars… This whole diabetes thing can be exhausting at times!


There’s more than one Type of Diabetes.






November is #Diabetes Awareness Month


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Type 3c Diabetes Awareness #Health


There’s more than two types of Diabetes.


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1943-2018: Penny Marshall, who rose to fame as Laverne in “Laverne & Shirley” and went on the direct big-screen hits like “Big” and “A League of Their Own”, has died of complications from #diabetes; she was 75. David Muir on the tributes pouring in – and what Marshall told Barbara Walters about how she hoped to be remembered.



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Flu Shot Side Effect High Blood Sugar #Diabetes

I’m grateful for My Mom Pat Lee, who stayed up with me all night while I recovered from a diabetes crisis.




We learned that the flu shot can in fact spike some people’s blood sugar, it would had been nice being told this before receiving the flu shot.

If you have diabetes and received the flu shot then be sure to monitor your blood sugar often.