This morning was exhausting Insulin therapy + iv fluid treatment. #Diabetes


My morning today.



Class of 2017 👩🏽‍🎓 #Cancer #Health














This moment was awesome!


Who else has random blood sugar highs? #Diabetes





I was told by my nurse yesterday my spike was probably from being “stress.”

Top 10 Best Blood Glucose Meters


This List Is From Consumer Reports in 2015.
(The year now is 2017)

I use the FreeStyle Lite ~ it’s through a prescription,~ my household seem to like it a lot!. It’s really easy to use, the instructions are very clear and over all the FreeStyle Lite meter itself and its test strips are stylish!
I should add the test strips are
a bit pricey, but where blood sugar numbers are concerned you do want accurate results. Especially if you’re taking diabetes pills/insulin or have a history of low blood sugar.



Other than my own personal opinion, I don’t own the article shared.

Thanksgiving carb chart 🍂 #ViaFacebook #Health #Diabetes #HappyThanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! 🍂

Via Facebook

I don’t own the carb chart shared..

National Child Health Day 2017

I’ve talked a few times about how I battle with childhood diabetes, hypertension and arthritis.

To learn more about National Child Health Day