Diabetes Awareness Month 2017


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What’s the highest you’ve been? #T1D #T2D #Health

Woke up with a high, and now going to bed with a mild hi due from being sick… On the bright side my blood sugar is a lot lower than what it was this morning.

Question for today
Do you have diabetes/prediabetes What’s the highest you’ve been?
#T1D #T2D #Health


Diabetes Hypoglycemia Crisis #T1D #T2D

I haven’t had many diabetic episodes since I started taking medicine however, last week (Feb. 2017 ) my blood sugar dropped too low, I was so sick that I guess somehow I didn’t realize my blood sugar was too low. I ended up going back to sleep then when I woke up that day feeling extremely cold, dizzy with stomach pains and then while walking I fell. On the bright side, I am doing much better, my diabetes medicine has been adjusted again and I’ll see my new endocrinologist soon.



Q for today,

How did you find out you were a diabetic?

It’s 2 a.m. and I can’t even fall asleep, blah! #HighsAndLows #Mood

This week has been cray! I can’t even fully think right now, my mind is so full, like a million thoughts in one second full. I just feel like I had a lot of caffeine (even though I haven’t.) I really do need to figure out how to slow my mind down a little. It’s 2 a.m. and I can’t even fall asleep, blah!



Having Diabetes Suck! #Optimistic

It’s not all that fun having to stick yourself “fingerstick” daily, take medicine daily, making sure you’re eating the right foods, as well as have enough snacks and other healthy stuff. I do however, try to stay optimistic throughout it all but some days are bad.

What most people don’t know is I’ve had problems with my blood sugar since I was a child, but the older I get the worse it gets.

Diabetic nerve pains

Dry skin, lotion that sometimes won’t work (for me)

Vision change, yearly diabetic eye exam (for me)

Scars that heal very slowly

Weight gain, Weight lost

Oh and the stigma of it all.

Omg when will it get better?

Having Diabetes Suck!

Tisha Shantel