Class of 2017 👩🏽‍🎓 #Cancer #Health














This moment was awesome!


First thing that come to my mind as a public writer is omg is #DoctorVisit #Health #Blogging

When you’re  at your doctor appointment and someone random sit in front of you. Despite, 10-20 empty chairs they passed being available: so they just sit right in front of you staring at you while they’re either smiling  or making strange sounds . 🙁
First thing that come to my mind as an public writer is ~ omg is this person following my page/blog. LOL!

Maybe it’s just my anxiety or just wondering why…

Have a great day, my readers!!!





Early morning drives to my doctors be like #Smiley #Photography #LatePost


Sometimes we have to drive nearly two hours away from the town we live in, for my Allergy Bone/BP/ and Heart treatments. This is a random pics from one of my treatment drives, it was around 6 a.m…
This emoji pillow has became my new comfort on sick days.