Casey Smitherman allegedly used her own insurance to get a 15-year-old student medical attention, and was charged with insurance fraud. What she “allegedly” did was totally awesome! #BeKind

What she “allegedly” did was totally awesome! How can anyone (especially rich people) just be ok with watching someone be sick and not even try to help the person? Smh!  

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Diabetes Hypoglycemia Crisis #T1D #T2D

I haven’t had many diabetic episodes since I started taking medicine however, last week (Feb. 2017 ) my blood sugar dropped too low, I was so sick that I guess somehow I didn’t realize my blood sugar was too low. I ended up going back to sleep then when I woke up that day feeling extremely cold, dizzy with stomach pains and then while walking I fell. On the bright side, I am doing much better, my diabetes medicine has been adjusted again and I’ll see my new endocrinologist soon.



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How did you find out you were a diabetic?