Another stressful diabetes night…

Another stressful diabetes night…


Thanksgiving Carb Counts 2019 #DiabetesAwareness



Remember Thereโ€™s More Than One Type of Diabetes, Be Kind!

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Ten people at a care facility in Oklahoma were hospitalized after they were injected with insulin instead of a flu shot, police said. #Smh


How can a terrible mistake like that be made? Smh!ย  ย 

Last year when I received my first flu shot, it increased my blood sugar to the point to where I now take multiple insulin daily injections. These are the things that make you wonder….

What are they really giving me?

No telling how many patients have been giving the wrong vaccine/medication.

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The United States government is currently on day 24 of the longest shutdown in history. Government employee Mallory Lorge of River Falls, Wisconsin hasn’t been paid this month. Lorge, who lives with Type 1 diabetes, has been forced to ration her remaining insulin because she can not afford the $300 copay. #Health



Thatโ€™s so awful! I hope she gets new insulin soon. Many of us know how expensive Diabetes medication/supplies can be and as well as other medications or medical supplies ย too.


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