Fox announced that the new season of Empire, premiering this fall, will be the last. ๐Ÿ˜ญ #Music


I havenโ€™t been keeping up with each season of Empire, however, I did watch a few episodes from last season and the songs from those few episodes were great! ๐ŸŽต

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All charges alleging that “Empire” actor” Jussie Smollett lied to police have been dropped, his attorneys say. #Awesome


This is awesome, Stay strong Jussie!

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Jussie Smollett’s character has been removed from the last two “#Empire” episodes of the season to “avoid further disruption on set,” producers say. #NewsTopic




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Chicago Police Superintendent says Jussie Smollett staged hate attack. #BillboardNews ๐Ÿ˜ง


๐Ÿ˜งย  There has to be more to this story… He seem like such a nice guy and heโ€™s a great singer too. But if what theyโ€™re saying is true then thatโ€™s heartbreaking.ย  I know what it feels like to be hit, bullied, and outcast for being different. ย 

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