Worse Blogger Ever 😧#Blog #Me 

I’m probably one of the worse bloggers ever. I can’t seem to ever get on schedule with blogging, I never know what to blog about and my mind always seem so blah. 😧


Having Diabetes Suck! #Optimistic

It’s not all that fun having to stick yourself “fingerstick” daily, take medicine daily, making sure you’re eating the right foods, as well as have enough snacks and other healthy stuff. I do however, try to stay optimistic throughout it all but some days are bad.

What most people don’t know is I’ve had problems with my blood sugar since I was a child, but the older I get the worse it gets.

Diabetic nerve pains

Dry skin, lotion that sometimes won’t work (for me)

Vision change, yearly diabetic eye exam (for me)

Scars that heal very slowly

Weight gain, Weight lost

Oh and the stigma of it all.

Omg when will it get better?

Having Diabetes Suck!

Tisha Shantel

I’m not sure what to say. #Blog #Life

I haven’t blogged in awhile, and I’m not sure what to say. But not that it matter ~ what matter is I’m back! Only for a short time though, school is busy, life is busy, and my mind is so full right now. I’ll do maybe three weeks of blogging starting 10/23/2016 and then take another month or two off. I hope all of my readers are doing well and enjoying life!

Tisha Shantel ♥