Oscar-nominated actress, Tennessee native Sondra Locke dies at 74 #RestInPeace


She was such an great actress,

Rest In Peace.

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Nancy Wilson, Grammy Winning Jazz Singer, Dies at 81

She was such an amazing singer.

Rest In Peace


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NYPD officers forcibly ripped this woman’s baby from her arms because she reportedly resisted arrest #HeartbreakingStory



Heartbreaking story, I hope both baby and mother are ok.


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Amid #Nashville’s #economic wins, a new report says the city’s median income gains lag peer cities, health insurance coverage has dropped and the percentage of residents living below the #poverty line is rising.


How awful is this?

Housing shouldn’t cost that much and everyone should have health insurance… Come on, the luxury rich is making it almost nearly impossible for the people who aren’t so rich like them to survive in this new luxury world.

Last, how dare those of you who judge or make fun of other people who aren’t rich like yourself.

You don’t know someone else’s story, you don’t know why they have a lower income, you don’t know what medical crisis they’re probably dealing with. You just don’t know!

You too could easily be faced with the same problem one day. Like, you might lose so much money and end up being called a middle class. 😱


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This #wakesurfer took advantage of heavy rains in Southern #California by riding down the middle of a flooded street in Oceanside.



😱 Stay Safe!


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PIG BLOCKS TRAFFIC: #Dottie the pig escaped from her home in #Tennessee and blocked traffic on a nearby road. Thankfully, Officers stepped in and safely reunited Dottie with her family. 🐷


Glad Dottie made it back home safely with great help!!!

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