Flu Shot Side Effect High Blood Sugar #Diabetes

I’m grateful for My Mom Pat Lee, who stayed up with me all night while I recovered from a diabetes crisis.




We learned that the flu shot can in fact spike some people’s blood sugar, it would had been nice being told this before receiving the flu shot.

If you have diabetes and received the flu shot then be sure to monitor your blood sugar often.




FDA Approves #Dexcom G6!




























This is awesome! I’ve been using the G5 for the past few months and it has been really helpful.

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What’s the highest you’ve been? #T1D #T2D #Health

Woke up with a high, and now going to bed with a mild hi due from being sick… On the bright side my blood sugar is a lot lower than what it was this morning.

Question for today
Do you have diabetes/prediabetes What’s the highest you’ve been?
#T1D #T2D #Health


Diabetes Hypoglycemia Crisis #T1D #T2D

I haven’t had many diabetic episodes since I started taking medicine however, last week (Feb. 2017 ) my blood sugar dropped too low, I was so sick that I guess somehow I didn’t realize my blood sugar was too low. I ended up going back to sleep then when I woke up that day feeling extremely cold, dizzy with stomach pains and then while walking I fell. On the bright side, I am doing much better, my diabetes medicine has been adjusted again and I’ll see my new endocrinologist soon.



Q for today,

How did you find out you were a diabetic?

Today Is World Diabetes Day 2016πŸ’™ #T1D #T2D

I’ve been dealing with having unstable blood glucose since I was a child. However, I wasn’t officially diagnosed as a diabetic until last year in 2015. This passed year has been long from highs and lows. Trying to adjust to my new diabetic medicine, to seeing new diabetic specialists, having my first diabetic eye exam, learning how to count carbs, making sure I have enough diabetic supplies, and making sure I check my blood glucose daily. Despite the bad days, I won’t allow diabetes stop me from enjoying the rest of my life.

For all of you who are dealing with diabetes your strength is awesome, stay sytrong! ❀️